Resources and Tools

Links to sites with tools, resources that have been helpful. 

Retirement Simulation Tools

FIRE Calculator - Engaging Data

DIY Investing



Personal Data Removal Workbook & Credit Freeze Guide - Intel Techniques 


Updated 2021 link

This link(old) works fine on Android. Apple users sometimes get prompted to download and pay for an app. Did we mention we don't like Apple's monetization policy? If that happens, search for the podcast by name on your favorite and free podcast player. It's an additional step, but worth it. 

Finance - Research and tools

MorningStar - Portfolio and X-Ray for ETF overlap
koyfin - investment analytics platform
wallmine - portfolio tracker and investment data
Bogleheads - Getting started
SeekingAlpha - Was good - Now a pay services 
The Rule of 72 - How long an investment will take to double
Portfolio Toolbox - Collection of personal finance tools


Betterment - Low Fees, diversification, automated investing

Real Estate

Rent vs Buy -

Internet of Things(IOT) and Smart Homes

Home Assistant - Getting Started

Black Swan Events - by Virtual Capitalist