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How to Setup a Smart Home on a Budget

Smart Home on a Budget Most smart home technology products, in isolation, look great at first glance and can definitely make our lives easier, more secure and even save time or money. It is only when we look deeper or have used the product for some time that we realize the true cost. Sometimes the product comes with a monthly subscription fee. It is critical to include the total cost over time to determine if the product really adds value. Factors to consider Trial or promotion periods - product price is discounted. On the surface this may seem like a great deal, but consider the motives of the manufacturer. How are they making money for their shareholders? Subscription fees - over the past decade, technology companies have realized that a regular monthly subscription fee, provides a more predictable cash flow and makes shareholders happy. This boosts the share prices, executive meet their targets and get their bonuses Privacy – companies sometimes sell the product at a loss, break-eve