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Take Control of your Privacy

 Have you ever searched your own name ?  If you value your privacy, you should consider taking action to remove sensitive and private info. The removal process can be as easy as filling out a web form on the site and waiting a few hours or days. As a follow-up step you should also submit a request to the search engine to remove the cached/outdated link. For google use this link .  How do companies obtain your info? In the digital age, information is scraped from social media, data breaches and public information repositories. Countries and states are passing laws to allow us to take control of this data and request that our information be removed. Clearly, there is some resistance to the compliance. Some companies make it  onerous  to get the info removed. One strategy is to start with the low hanging fruit. Use the reference links below and start with a search on your info. Look for an opt-out link and submit a request. Track the details on a spreadsheet to confirm removal. Set a remi