First Steps

During the early days of lockdowns, we started going for short walks around the neighborhood. Over the following weeks and months, the distances gradually increased. 

Find your motivation

Fitbit or any other fitness tracker can be a great motivation. The statistics and data can inspire some to reach a target or goal. Start with a goal that suites your lifestyle. Fitbit usually sets a daily goal of 10,000 steps. Monitor your progress over a week and increase your goal slightly every week or month. Set a reminder or plan your walk for a specific time, based on your daily routine. We find that going out for a sunset walk is a great motivator to take a moment to reflect on the day and get out in nature. Take time to enjoy the view. If you an early riser maybe a morning walk suites your needs. Perhaps an after lunch or dinner walk. The key is to build a route and habit and try to stick to it. 

Things to do on your walk

  • Listen to your favorite music/podcast

  • Talk to your neighbors and fellow walkers

  • Remember to look up and enjoy the view

  • Call friends and family 

Planning your walk

Walking around the block does not require much planning, however if you plan on being out for a few hours, its always good to check the weather report ahead of time. Pack a snack and a water bottle. A day pack with a wind jacket or additional layers of clothing is advisable, should the weather change unexpectedly. A head  lamp is recommended, when close to sunset and on hiking trails, and will keep your hands free. A mobile phone flashlight can be used as an emergency last resort.


  • Be ware of your surroundings 

  • Watch out for traffic

  • Don't text and walk. If you need to use your phone or look up directions, find a safe location to do that

  • Use an app or share your location with friends and family