Fundrise Q3 2021

 Fundrise has published results and an analysis on Q3 2021. The results are impressive and it appears that they have exited a few deals that may have gone full cycle. Keep in mind that this partly due to the depressed 2020 covid year and low interest rates.

There was a recent change in the redemption policy. The penalty has dropped from 3% to 1% for investments held for less than 5 years. Keep in mind you investment period, specifically, if you choose to invest monthly. 

The core portfolio still issues a 1099-DIV, but beware of switching to core plus(seems to be renamed to Long-Term Growth Plus), as this may require additional cost for tax filing in multiple states. 

The reports are currently publicly accessible, using the links below.

Fundrise Q3 2021 report

Upcoming changes to eREIT and eFund redemption policy

       Source : Fundrise Dashboard 10/6/2021

Core Plus/Long-Term Growth Plus

       Source : Fundrise Dashboard 10/6/2021