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We have all searched for options and alternatives to perform a simple task that may be beyond our level of skills and expertise. This post will be constantly updated with services that we recommend or have found useful.

Most services lure us in with a teaser feature or function. We soon realize that the sales pitch only comes later to upsell features and functions that we don't really need and we are unable to perform perform the basic task that was promised. 

This occurs in our daily offline lives all the time. How often do we choose to just walk away ? We have a vested interest and commitment and the inertia or resistance is too much to change direction. 

How often do we do a search and land on a site only to realize(hopefully) that its not really what we needed or were looking for. 

Create a logo or text

Flamingtext - recommended for hobby or personal website

Icon generator - creates icons from image for use as Favicon & App Icon Generator

Social Media icons - simple clear instructions - needed tweaking to ending / - saved time and effort.



 Consider donating or upgrading should you find their services worthwhile.