What is Walk 2k?

This site was created to inspire others, by sharing the lessons learnt during a journey to walking 2000 miles in a year. 

12 month fitbit stats

Updated : 1/3/2021



In recent years I found myself sharing, discussing and debating topic of interest, one on one with friends and colleagues. Our views often differed and in the process we learnt something and saw a different view point.

Social media had great promise for family and friends connecting and staying in touch. In reality, it has become an echo chamber for reinforcing our likes and follows and has forced us into a bubble, where we only see a single viewpoint.

The Rabbit Hole

Clearly there are many and they go deep. When we researched a topic, its clear there are multiple viewpoints and opinions. 

Why not share these ideas, so that we can collectively contribute and become more informed. 

Some of the topics we intend to cover are smart homes and Internet of Things(IOT), Automation, Finance, Real Estate and more.