The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma 

Watched the documentary on Netflix. We all know the disadvantages of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Even Linked-in, which was a professional connections platform, is swamped with endless doom scrolling noise. This is deliberately designed to hold a users attention and interaction with the platform. The echo chamber and ad machine is in full operation. 

We stopped using Facebook in late 2019 and have probably missed a few birthdays and family announcements, however we all have to choose not to engage. A simple phone call or personal interaction is more meaningful. 

We should all watch the documentary and take action

Ads and misinformation targeting

Anyone can create a Facebook page and an Ad. Below are the steps. 

1. Select a Goal 

We chose get more website visitors

2. Choose your audience

We chose, women, aged 32-37, living outside of Seattle within a 1 mile radius of the pin.

3. Narrow down the audience further

We selected a random set of demographics, interests and behaviors

4. Select the ad duration and a budget


5. Lastly, fill out the payment details

Legitimate businesses can use Facebook Ads to ensure that they are reaching their target audience. However, the same service can also be used to spread misinformation. 

The demographic, interests and behavior selection criteria provides a significantly level of fine tuning to target any group's pain points. 

Makes us wonder how many groups or individuals have seen an ad or video that has subconsciously shaped their opinions.

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